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cord bracelet with mermaid

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This bracelet is an elegant and versatile accessory, crafted with a durable cord and a macramé-style closure that allows for size adjustment. This feature ensures a comfortable and secure fit for wrists of various sizes.


The cord is chosen for its strength and its ability to maintain shape over time. Available in various colors, it adds a stylish touch and can be easily matched with different outfits. The macramé weave not only provides a sophisticated and handcrafted appearance but also allows for simple and practical adjustment of the bracelet.

Stainless Steel Beads

Stainless steel beads are distributed along the cord, adding a touch of shine and sophistication. Stainless steel is selected for its resistance to corrosion and its ability to maintain its luster over time, ensuring the bracelet remains looking new and clean even with daily wear.

Marine-Themed Charms

Marine-themed charms add a distinctive decorative element to the bracelet. These charms evoke the relaxing and adventurous spirit of the ocean, making the bracelet perfect for nature lovers and marine adventurers.

Polymer Clay Mermaid

The centerpiece of the bracelet is a charm depicting a mermaid, handcrafted from polymer clay. The mermaid, carefully detailed, adds a touch of fantasy and magic to the bracelet. This charm becomes the focal point of the bracelet, drawing attention and adding an element of interest.


To keep the bracelet in great condition, it is recommended to:

  • Avoid prolonged contact with water and harsh chemicals.
  • Gently clean with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight when not worn.

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