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Totally handmade, without molds. 100% Made in Italy


1)doll: you will buy the doll in photo.

2)doll with simple chain: you will buy doll mounted in a  chain. 

3)doll with chain and beads: you will buy doll mounted in a chain with combined beads.

Chain measures 20 inches. If you prefer another lenght tell me at checkout.  


In stock. Shipped in 5 working days

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Is polymerclay fragile?

If well cooked, absolutely not. I have items from years and they are perfect. Obviously you should pay attention to your necklaces, and you should avoid to water your objects.
this applies to all handmade objects ;)

Sizing details

necklace charms : 1 inch / 0,5 inch

necklace doll pendant: 2 inch